Cara Beth & Brent: The Cool Kids Behind Buie Photography

HI! Thanks for visiting our page! We are Brent and Cara Beth and we have dedicated our lives to providing you with the highest quality photography in a completely stress free, relaxed, and entertaining environment. It's kinda like our thing. If you are looking for laid back and easy going, you've found us. And we will probably click with you right from the start if you are the same way. Or if you just like to have fun while creating some great photography. Keep scrolling for a little more insight into what it is that we do!

Cara Beth & Brent: The Cool Kids Behind Buie Photography


Brent and Cara Beth of Buie photography having coffee outside Rhino Coffee in Shreveport, Louisiana



We seriously love photography and making it fun. For real. Yeah yeah, we know: That’s what we are supposed to say and absolutely EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTOGRAPHER. you’ve looked at has that somewhere on their site, right?

But what does that even mean? Who doesn’t love photography? Ever heard of Instagram? Well, we’ve been doing this long enough to know that whether you are getting ready for a wedding or trying to get the family together for their yearly session, it’s NOT just about beautiful photographs.

It can also be about anxiety.

Not everyone likes the full on paparazzi treatment or the chaos of a million things happening at once. It can be overwhelming. So, no matter the shoot, we develop a plan just for you, roll with the punches when we need to, and make sure that there is absolutely nothing keeping you from having an amazing experience – all while capturing timeless, candid portraits of you and those you love.

The biggest reason behind why we can do all that? Relationships!  See, we don’t want to shoot your wedding and it’s  just, “Peace out! We’ll send your album when it’s ready!” That’s literally no fun at all. Same with a family session. “Ok, thanks for booking us, we will set up your reveal session and blah, blah, blah . . . ” Boring!

We actually want to get to know you.

That doesn’t mean you have to get the spare room ready for us to move in or anything – we have too many animals anyway – but six months after your wedding we want to be able to text you to see how your puppy is doing because at your engagement session cute little Beauregard had just eaten your favorite pair of shoes. Or something like that, anyway. We want to know you, so we can serve you. So we can give you the kind of experience we described above

“Ok, but why?” Fair question! Because we love what we do! It really is that simple. We love this. We love meeting and working with awesome, interesting people and creating something together. We love it so much we’ve dedicated our lives to it. This is our full time gig – no weekend warriors here – and yeah, sometimes it’s kinda scary to make your life all about something that you are passionate about. But here we are! And we wouldn’t change it for anything!

“Photos. For Life.”

That’s our motto.  You may have seen it on our logo. We chose that because whenever we thought about our “why,” the word life just kept popping up: Because we’ve put our lives into this. Because we want to photograph real life and real people. And because we believe that once you are our client, we will be your photographers for life.

So what’s the bottom line?

Photography shouldn’t be a chore. It should never be something you’re nervous about or feel overwhelmed by. It should be about having fun and feeling confident, feeling AMAZING. The end result should be something you are proud to hang in your home, to share with friends, and preserve in an album.

And the best way to achieve all of that is to find photographers you click with and that are passionate about their work. Develop a relationship with them – even if it’s just a small one. And build it on trust and a mutual love of hilarious internet memes. And animals.  Preferably.

We aren’t right for everyone. No one is. But if we are right for you, you’ll never look back. And there is only one way to find out . . . 


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Cara Beth

Cara Beth of Buie Photography at Rhino Coffee in Shreveport, LouisianaHey, there! I’m Cara Beth. I am a wife to a handsome bearded guy and mother to way too many rescue animals. Most days you can find me in my home office rockin’ some fuzzy slippers, a top knot, and yoga pants. I secretly wish I could sing and dance, so you might even catch me bustin’ a move at your reception. My favorite thing to shoot these days are detail shots. Skinny Pop is my favorite snack food ever. Spanx, button down shirts, and gluten are my nemeses. I am a photojournalist at heart. I just love those candid, unplanned moments. It’s rare that I pose people for portraits. I would much rather tell you to sing or dance, or tell me a funny story so I can catch you acting naturally.



Brent of Buie Photography at Rhino Coffee in Shreveport, LouisianaHey, guys. I’m Brent. But you can call me Buie. Everyone calls me Buie . . . even Cara. Like a lot of other men I love football and food. But mostly I like to create and to learn. There are so many things that interest me it’s really hard to nail down just one topic, so I gave up trying a long time ago. From history to philosophy to religion to languages; I love it. I guess I’m a strong humanities lean. People fascinate me. And movies. Yeah, I love movies. When I’m not working for Buie Photography – or indulging in any of that other stuff – I’m usually . . . actually that’s it. I love what I do. I love what WE do.