For Brides

Wooo Hooo! Congratulations! You're getting married! This page is just for brides! Especially brides that are looking for a laid back, fun husband and wife team that specializes in stress removal and the delivery of gorgeous, timeless photography.

For Brides


They asked, you said yes (or vice versa), and now you are here.  Congratulations! But before you start planning your wedding, please, please, please, take a little time to enjoy your engagement! Because, it won’t be long before you are drowning in a sea of napkin options, color palettes, and cake samples. (That last one is more like a bonus really, but you get the point.) And this is usually the first item on the list for brides-to-be.

And there is no better way to celebrate this time in your life than with an engagement session. Here’s two reasons why: #1 – Engagement sessions celebrate you being you, the realness of your relationship. AND #2 – You can actually choose locations that have emotional significance to you! There are a lot of great wedding venues, but none of them are where you met or had your first date. Probably. Jus’ sayin’.

*Bonus Reason Why* Because they are also great for your save-the-date cards! And you want to look great when you are featured on your friends’ refrigerators!


Engagement Sessions – $300

Includes: Pre-shoot consultation and planning (we are BIG on this part), two photographers at your session,  and personal reveal and ordering session.  *May also be combined with a wedding “package.”



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Year after year the Bridal session continues to be a favorite for brides – even the less traditional ones – and there is a good reason.

An old Southern tradition that made its way to the States from Europe, the Bridal session is the perfect opportunity to create stunning photography you can feature at your wedding. And many brides then gift a canvas to their parents. Which they ALWAYS love! (But we won’t tell if you keep it for yourself.)

It is also an excellent opportunity to take your dress for a test drive. You’re only going to get to wear your dress twice, so let’s get creative with it! And no, we do not post any portraits from these sessions on social media until after you’ve said “I do,” so no worries there.


Bridal Sessions – $450

Includes: Pre-shoot consultation and planning, two photographers at your session (plus an assistant to help with your dress), and personal reveal and ordering session. *May also be combined with a wedding “package.”



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So, this is the BIG one for brides . . . nervous yet? There is so much to do: so much to choose, so much to research, so much to sample . . . The list goes on and on. You may even feel like you were not sufficiently warned that there was so much. But we would like to share a secret with you: Everything is going to be ok. Seriously! Better than ok, actually, more like downright AWESOME!

Even if your dress doesn’t fit perfectly. Even if you trip walking down the aisle. And even if your long lost uncle shows up and has too many and Aunt Margaret gives the most embarrassing speech in the history of embarrassing speeches. Even if all of THAT were to happen, at the end of the day, you are still married to your best friend. So, you still get to do life TOGETHER. Which is awesome!

And you are going to have stunning, timeless photography to help you remember the best day of your life.

Wedding Packages start at $2,000 (custom packages and pricing available)

*All of our wedding pricing includes two photographers, and the digital files of all final images. Because that’s how we roll.



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