For Families

Whether you're just getting started or you've been growing your family for 50 years, each member adds their own unique personality to the mix. And the end result is something that is 100% you.

For Families

Families are the heart of everything we love and believe in at Buie Photography! The wedding and family sides of our photography are so closely linked that we actually refer to ourselves as “marriage photographers.” For us, that is what it is all about: the story of a marriage, a life built together. And you really can’t tell that story with out family portraits!

You have your own special bond, and it’s different from everyone else. That makes these sessions A LOT of fun to plan! We would love to take you on a picnic, or visit during game night, or even just walk in the park with you and your crew. There’s nothing better than capturing a family just doing their family things. Whatever that may be. 

But family photos can also come with their own particular anxieties and headaches. We totally get it. Maybe your spouse doesn’t want to go, or what if your kids don’t behave – ugh, how embarrassing! Right?! 

No worries! Not only have we seen it all, we’ve figured out how to deal with it all – especially with kids. Just to let you in on a little secret, no child acts the way you want at a photo shoot! But interestingly enough, that often makes for the best family portraits. True story. The same goes for dogs and husbands too. We’ve been doing this a while, so we know just the thing to take the edge off and get those images you’ve been wanting for years. Plus, one of us actually is a husband, and that never hurts when you are trying to get them on board. (Pro tip: sometimes just them knowing another guy will be there can make all the difference! Also, bring treats. Oh, and bring some for your dog too.)


Family Portrait Sessions – $300

Includes: Pre-shoot consultation and planning, two photographers at your shoot, and personal reveal and ordering session.



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