Josh & Lorri:: Minden, Louisiana Wedding

April 22, 2016
Josh and Lorri were married on a warm Spring day at The Farm in Minden, Louisiana.

Josh and Lorri were married on a warm Spring day at The Farm in Minden, Louisiana. It was one of the first days this Spring that had reached the mid 80’s in temperature, but that didn’t stop this couple from being married outside. Their family planned, decorated and orchestrated this entire event by the themselves and worked tirelessly on the decorations. I loved shooting at The Farm because of the wonderful vintage photo ops! The old home on the property was a perfect spot for the bride and her girls to get ready.

There was a meal that took place under a huge white tent and dancing to follow. Every square inch of that place was strung with white twinkle lights which I am convinced make any place look magical. Josh and Lorri’s friends helped them wear out the dance floor and sent them off with a sparkler send off!

We had a blast shooting your special day, Josh & Lorri, and wish you many happy years together!

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