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Wedding photographers doing wedding photographer things. Take a look at how we captured a few of our favorite couples on their big day.

Weddings Gallery

Have you ever met people that you just seem to effortlessly click with? If I hadn’t been lucky enough to have these two for my wedding photographers, I honestly don’t think my wedding would have been as amazing as it was. The Buies were on board from day one. They met with me over dinner and we were able to talk over my vision for the wedding (aka calm me the heck down). They’re down-to-earth, passionate, and incredibly talented.

-Rachel Brintnall



“The Buie’s were phenomenal to work with! Both my husband and I were nervous about finding a wedding photographer that could deal with our camera awkwardness and our “unique” vision for our wedding without rolling their eyes. Instead of running away, they both embraced us with excited questions and ideas of how to photograph our engagements, bridal, and wedding that reflected us perfectly. They were so easy to work with and took a large part of the stress of my big day away. I couldn’t imagine my big day with any other photographers!”

– Allison Elliott



“Ok, so I have been photographed by Buie Photography 5 times. That should speak for itself. In an area that is pretty saturated by wedding photographers, the only choice, in my opinion, is Buie Photography. Their laid back style and easy going personality makes it super easy to feel comfortable while being photographed. At this point they feel more like family than photographers. It’s weird not to have them at all our family events. They shot my bridals and wedding and my sister loved them so much she got them to shoot her bridal and wedding as well!”

-Martha Hartwell-Tate



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